Nerve Pain 29-Jan-2018

I’ve been dealing with nerve pain recently.  It’s unlike many of the other injuries and painful experiences I’ve had in the past.  It started off feeling like a pulled muscle in my upper back/shoulder area with a sensation so sharp and intense, I’d get a headache.  After a few days of this, I started to get concerned and think it was more than just a muscle issue.  The pain began moving down my arm and up my neck, shooting electricity through my left arm, and resulting in a tight and sore forearm.  My left hand got weak and lost some of it’s dexterity.  Not only was it painful, it was also worrisome. 

I started seeing specialists of all kinds.  I saw an acupuncturist, chiropractor, a physical therapist, general practitioner and a spine specialist.  I liked that they all had their own take and ideas on what was going on.The MD took notes, asked a lot of questions and prescribed an MRI of my neck. The acupuncturist made me feel relaxed and the chiropractor adjusted my spine.  I found the physical therapist to know what was going on with me right away.  She diagnosed me as having T4 syndrome, started working on me and giving me good exercises to do myself.  We talked about my lifestyle and how I could actively address the issue.I told them all I was using topical CBD balms, pills, sublinguals and tinctures.  It seemed to calm my nerves, relax me and help me get through the day without too much pain.  I was surprised that they all knew what CBD was, and no one seemed surprised to hear it was helping. All the specialists recommended that I continue with my “self medication” and I walked out of my appointments feeling better and hopeful. 

The pain is still with me, but has been getting better slowly. I continue to see the specialists and take my CBD oil and apply topicals when needed.  The nerve pain has reinforced the belief that I need to take responsibility for my health, which means being proactive in understanding what is going on with my body and how I feel.  I’ve also realized that sometimes we have no control over our bodies, no matter what we do.

The pain opened my eyes to the healing potential of the cannabis plant and reminded me about all the great healing modalities we have. There are a lot of options out there, you just need to be open to exploring them.

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